Portrait Uwe Dierksen - ROOR


Uwe Dierksen, solo trombonist of the Ensemble Modern plays two pieces of mine

('rockaby' & 'shadows') on his new CD. Also music by Berio, Zappa, Oehring, etc.

Avalaible on Amazon & CD shops.



SPIELZEUG - Music by Moro, Grisey, Hosokawa, Mukarno & Wolff


The clarinetist Fie Schouten (on bass clarinet) together with Marko Kassl (accordion) and

Koen Kaptijn (trombone) recorded Héctor's piece 'Lichtzwang. ein wütendes Spielzeug'

for the Karnatic Lab Records. The CD also includes pieces by Grisey, Hosokawa, Wolff

and Mukarno; and is available from the label's web, on Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.



LUX:NM - contemporary music ensemble berlin


The formidable LUX:NM Emsemble presents a new version of 'Lichtzwang' for bariton saxophon,

accordion & trombone (as well as other works by Kreidler, Kempe & Joslowski)



ALLÉE DU KLANG - Live in Berlin 2005


ALLÉE DU KLANG was formed aiming to mix the languages of free improvised music, electronics and rock.

With our background, we were searching for a new, fresh, yet powerful kind of music (think of King Crimson

meeting Anthony Braxton and/or Fred Frith!). During rehearsals, Sabine described the sound and textures

we were doing as 'NEW-ELECTRO-FREE-ROCK. We liked it, and we hope you do so as well!

CD available on CD Baby for US$ 13 (plus shipping) and on iTunes Store (worldwide)


Listen to the music (stream):

Faces 7:03

Engelstränen 16:14

Märchenprinz 10:51



MORO - Afterglow


'MORO' is the result of very hard work, trying to make a 'groovy' music that could profit from

both the experience and knowledge I attained as a 'classical' composer. What does it sound like?

Think of a David Bowie group meeting Hermeto Pascoal, Robert Fripp and Fred Frith!

Available for download on Amazon, iTunes, etc.


Listen to the music:



Jacques Cousteau

Spring Frost

Rudimentary Love

Homage to K.C.




milch (2004)


Claudia Klischat & Cristoph Gosepath, voices

Héctor Moro, percussion & electronics






© héctor moro