Allée du Klang



(Allée: an alley in a formal garden or park, bordered by trees or bushes; Klang: sound)

The band was formed aiming to mix the languages of free improvised music, electronics and rock.

With our background, we were searching for a new, fresh, yet powerful kind of music (think of King Crimson

meeting Anthony Braxton and/or Fred Frith!). During rehearsals, Sabine described

the sound and textures we were doing as 'NEW-ELECTRO-FREE-ROCK'.

We liked it and think it defines our sound with great precision.



Besides myself, the trio is made up of: Sabine Vogel (flutes, voice and devices) and

Dave Bennett (guitar and devices). Sabine studied Jazz Flute at Linz and has played with every

major improviser (among them: Anthony Braxton, Arto Lindsay, Axel Dörner). She also performs

live electronic music, often working directly with the composers. Dave studied guitar and composition

at Mc Gill, and is at home with most kinds of music. He lives in Berlin, where besides having

numerous other projects, plays guitar with the group 'erik & me'.


The band's CD is available on CD Baby and iTunes Store (worldwide)






© héctor moro