Celephaïs (2005)

in memoriam Wolfgang Stryi



The idea for 'Celephaïs' emerged during conversations with Wolfgang Stryi (who at the

time was the clarinetist / saxophonist of the Ensemble Modern) long before his tragic death.


Although I was biased against the slightest possibility of a piece for contrabass clarinet and electronics

(due to the unbelievable and unlimited tonal richness of the instrument), I finally agreed to proceed in

that direction. The single reason I had for this decision was my desire to make of the piece a

'solo with accompaniment'.


I used Wolfgang‘s extraordinary improvisational talents as the material for the electronic:

I recorded him in my studio and filtered, cut, looped and edited his improvisation which was about

twenty minutes long. The result (my composition) would give him a basis upon which he could

're-interpret', live, what he had already played, thus making the piece into an interaction between two

worlds (composed / improvised). The limits of these two worlds disappeared or became very unclear.


All sounds on the piece are contrabass clarinet sounds.


'Celephaïs' is named after a short story by H. P. Lovecraft


Wolfgang Stryi, contrabass clarinet

Héctor Moro, electronics






© héctor moro