In 1999, at the end of my composition studies, I had not really played for almost

four years. I felt the strong necessity to do it again, not only for fun, but because I

also wanted to research the realms of free improvisation, that at the moment I saw as

a completely opposed world to the 'classical' new music one. I looked for Musicians with

whom I could communicate not only at a musical level. Finally, I met Christian Billian (guitar)

and Theóphile Bonhert (double bass) in the Musikhochschule Freiburg.



We began jamming, trying to start from tabula rasa: dissecting, classifying and filtering

the tiniest parts of the musical language, developing with the time certain 'ways' or methods

to face the void of free improvisation. We called them 'Processes' (for example, there were 'planes',

'loops' - these derived not as much from Minimalism, as from our experiences with Pro Tools -, 'multi layers',

'pulse painting' - derived from the pieces N. A. Huber did in the 80's - , and so on).


We had a couple of gigs in Freiburg and France, and one day Christian told the band he had entered

us in a contest for September of 2000 in Düsseldorf. And there we went, winning the First Prize in the

2. International Competition for Young Culture. Robert Dick was in the jury, who after the final concert

was very kind to us and gave us plenty of good advice. Luckily, we recorded that performance and it became

our 'Frissons - Live in Düsseldorf' demo CD, which is the music you can hear on this site.



We did a few more concerts (France, Düsseldorf again), but due to my Akademie Schloss Solitude grant,

I had to leave Freiburg for Stuttgart. This and the fact that I was concentrating increasingly

on composition made rehearsing very difficult, so I finally left Frissons at the end of 2001.






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