Lichtzwang. ein wütendes Spielzeug (2002, rev. 2008)



'Lichtzwang. ein wütendes Spielzeug' ('Light - Compulsion. a raging toy') was a commission from the

Internationales Musik Institut Darmstadt for the 2002 Ferienkurse für Neue Musik. It was first performed

there by Ernesto Molinari (bass clarinet), Uwe Dierksen (trombone) and Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion).


It is a extreme virtuosic piece, demanding high technical skills and a very developed musicianship from

the players; the three solo instruments being a unity that sounds most of the time as a huge new one.

'Lichtzwang' is based mostly on prime numbers proportions, though used in a very freely manner.

It was one the first attempts (besides 'Odisseano') to find a new way to organize my written music,

leaving the strictness of rhythm planning for a more open way to achieve its development. Using 'zones',

in which the prime numbers determine only the number of 'beats' (in this case the sixteenth note)

of the different parts of the piece, permitted me to compose in a very free way (think of a notated

improvisation), but at the same time I was really bounded by the structural form of the time 'zones'.


The piece is named after the books 'Lichtzwang' (Light - Compulsion) by Paul Celan and 'El Juguete

Rabioso' (The Raging Toy) by the argentinean Roberto Arlt, although there is no relation at all

between the music and the content of both books, the titles being used only in a 'inspiring' way,

due to the strong images they recall.


'Lichtzwang. ein wütendes Spielzeug' was recorded for the first time by the trio 'Spielzeug'

(Fie Schouten, bass clarinet; Marko Kassl, accordion and Koen Kaptijn, trombone) and appears

on the CD of the same name on the Karnatic Lab Records label.


'Lichtzwang. ein wütendes Spielzeug' is dedicated to the memory of Beatrix Haustein.






© héctor moro