Live Electronics (since 2011, 'work in progress')



After working many years in the field of instrumental improvised music, I began to realize that there seemed to be

a limit within the possibilities and ways of improvising. Gestures began to repeat themselves and although many

varied, different processes (derived both from practice and theoretical thoughts) were utilized in the music,

invention seemed to have its bounds.


With this in mind, I began to work with musicians from different backgrounds (classic, jazz, pop) in order to search

for new possibilities for live electronic improvisation, far away from the "ircam-sound" and the "berlin noise school",

looking for a kind of spontaneous, quasi jazzy interaction between live instruments and electronics.


Using Pro Tools as DAW and a couple of good, effective plug-ins, I was able to treat electronics as just another

"instrument" during the performance and through this process, always with an open mind, got the most

unexpected results. It's an on-going process, the end of it is not in sight…


All pieces are improvisations, live recorded and not edited



Johanna Borchert, prepared piano-Héctor Moro, electronics (2015)




Eva Reiter, electric viola da gamba-Héctor Moro, percussion & electronics (2014)




Débora Vilchez, voice, kaos pad, percussion & objects-Héctor Moro, electronics (2014)




Michael Krois, keyboardless synthesizer-Noga-Sarai Bruckstein, violin

Héctor Moro, electronics (2011)

Music for "Negentropie"






© héctor moro