milch (2002)



In 2001, during my sojourn at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, I asked Beatrix Haustein,

a writer and also fellow of the Akademie, to permit me to use some of her poems in the

piece I was working on at the time. She acceded, thus I ended using 'engelsturz',

'lass mich dein nachtfalter sein' and 'nebenan' in my piece 'subcutánea'.


The following year we began to talk about my participation in a reading of hers, where she would be

presenting her new book, 'milch' (milk). I should play percussion live simultaneously to the speakers

(she and theater director Cristoph Gosepath), being my duty to make a 'counterpoint' to the voices,

not 'accompanying' them. At the same time, I should produce a sonic landscape with nature sounds,

fading them through the whole reading (which, we estimated, would be around fifty minutes long);

as well as assembling a sound 'collage' with snippets of old german and russian radio news

broadcasting concerning the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961.


We rehearsed a couple of times, searching for sounds and textures and then I began to work on

the electronic part, assembling the soundscape and the Gagarin collage. While working on it,

the saddest new came on my way: the unexpected death of Beatrix shocked all the people

who knew her. We decided to continue with the project, as an homage to her and her art.

Claudia Klischat, also a writer and a very good friend of hers, assumed her role in the

reading, which took place at Solitude in Stuttgart, some weeks after her demise.


In 2004 the Akademie Schloss Solitude published the book 'milch', which included

a CD containing a specially recorded studio version of the reading.



nebenan / luck ist for rabbits

hey gagarin, hey columbus des kosmos (I)



Claudia Klischat & Cristoph Gosepath, voices

Héctor Moro, percussion & electronics






© héctor moro