A little tired of the bodiless conception of the classical new music, I began to ask myself the reasons

for its rejection towards pulses and cycles ('loops'?), against 'groove' (Minimalism being a nice but

paralyzed try). Due to the fact that Webern or Adorno did not offer me a valid explanation, I began

to play and jam with fellow musicians (see Frissons), trying to find out a solution for the problem,

if there was any. After experimenting with free improvisation, I realized that it could also be very limiting,

so I decided to listen a little more Kate Bush and David Bowie. The trip I made to Japan in 2003 opened my

ears to the young laptop scene (not only limited to Japan) and I began to build up my own electronic studio.


'MORO' is the result of very hard work, trying to make a 'groovy' music that could profit from

both the experience and knowledge I attained as a 'classical' composer. What does it sound like?

Think of a David Bowie group meeting Hermeto Pascoal, Robert Fripp and Fred Frith!


Playing by my side are Sascha Armbruster (alto saxophone),

Dave Bennett (electric guitar and devices) and Karoline Göhler (vocals)





Jacques Cousteau

Spring Frost

Rudimentary Love

Homage to K.C.







© héctor moro