"Trigger" was a collaboration with the visual artist Eva Schmeckenbecher, whose work fascinates me

because of its (very) complex simplicitiy. Or its very simple complexity. Her mixture of Arte Povera,

Ultra Cubism and "Gegenständlichtkeit" (concreteness) was an inspiration for me, so we ended up

working together on two videos ("aullido" & "The Wall"), as well as me helping her with the sound

and video editing on other of her works.


We thought on creating an installation together, but had no opportunity to do it until she got the

possibility to make something for the "Filmwinter Stuttgart 2019" Festival.


"Trigger" is a multidimensional work: two big screens, one medium and seven small displays,

all of them showing different video works by her. Two big walls with her processed fotos as well.

And my music.



Trigger Video Documentary



Trigger - Floor Diagram






© schmeckenbecher / moro 2019