rockaby(1995-96)for solo trombone & small ensemble10‘

chosen for the 2nd Forum for Young Composers 1997 - Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik

First performance: Frankfurt 1997Ensemble Modern

Uwe Dierksen, solo tromboneOswald Sallaberger, conductor


Final del Juego(1997)for eleven Soloists17‘

commissioned by the Ensemble Modern

First performance: Alte Oper, Frankfurt 1998Ensemble ModernSian Edwards, conductor


aullido(1998-99)electronic music20‘

First performance: Freiburg 2000


freigeweht(2000)for one percussionist & one saxophone player9‘

First performance: Zürich 2001

Pascal Pons, percussionSascha Armbruster, alto saxophone


'...con minucioso amor la soñó...'(2000)for seven instruments8‘

commissioned by the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie

First performance: Frankfurt 2001

Members of the Junge Deutsche PhilharmonieGarry Walker, conductor


Satarsa(2001)for six soloists and soprano voice outdoors20'

First performance: Schloss Solitude 2001

Erik Drescher, flutesWolfgang Stryi, contrabass clarinetFlorian Juncker, trombone

Iryna Bayeva, viola & sopranoYasuko Miyamoto - Pascal Pons, percussion

Alistair Zaldua, conductor


Odisseano(2001)for saxophone, harp & string quartet9‘

commissioned by the Neue Musik Rümlingen Festival

First performance: Rümlingen (Basle) 2001

Rico Gubler, saxophonesConsuelo Giulianelli, harpTetra Streichquartett

Alistair Zaldua, conductor


subcutánea(2001-02)for electronic sounds and one performer20‘

commissioned by the SWR & the Akademie Schloss Solitude

First performance: Eclát Festival, Stuttgart 2002

Maren Strack, performanceHéctor Moro, electronics


Lichtzwang(2002)for bass clarinet, accordion & trombone11‘

commissioned by the Internationales Musik-Institut Darmstadt

First performance: Orangerie - Sommerkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt 2002

Ernesto Molinari, bass clarinetUwe Dierksen, tromboneTeodoro Anzellotti, accordion


tocando mañana(2003)for 32 solo voices & 2 solo instruments8‘

commissioned by the SWR

First performance: Eclát Festival, Stuttgart 2004

SWR VokalensembleUwe Dierksen, tromboneErnesto Molinari, contrabass clarinet

Rupert Huber, conductor


faces and shadows(2004)for five solo voices & electronics10‘

commissioned by the Neue Vocalsolisten

First performance: Eclát Festival, Stuttgart 2005

Neue VocalsolistenHéctor Moro, electronics


Celephaïs(2005)for contrabass clarinet & electronics9‘

commissioned by Wolfgang Stryi

First performance: Frankfurt 2005

Wolfgang Stryi, contrabass clarinetHéctor Moro, electronics


shadows(2006)for solo trombone & electronics7‘

commissioned by Uwe Dierksen

First performance: Centralstation - Sommerkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt 2006

Uwe Dierksen, solo tromboneHéctor Moro, electronics


Hommage an K.C.(2008)

for alto saxophone, e-guitar, mallet midi trigger, live electronics & video projection13'

First performance: Berlin, 2008

Sascha Armbruster, saxophoneDave Bennett, e-guitar

Héctor Moro, mallet midi trigger & electronics


caminos de palabra(2010)for four solo voices3'

First performance: Theaterhaus, Stuttgart 2010

Neue Vocalsolisten


ESBM(2011)for youth ensemble & electronics8'

First performance: Radial System, Berlin 2011

Schüler-Ensemble für Neue Musik der Evangelischen Schule Berlin-Mitte


fogwill(2013)for saxophone quartet7'

commissioned by the Sonic-Art Quartett

First performance: Berlin 2013

Sonic-Art Saxophon Quartett


être avec(2015)for string quartet9'



eulysía(2015)for eight bass clarinets8'

commissioned by the 'Eduard van Beinum Stichting'

First performance: Bimhuis - Basklarinet Festijn, Amsterdam 2016

Armand AngsterKarl-Heinz LindlPetra StumpfLaura Carmichael

Fie SchoutenTobias KleinMarij van GorkomStephan Vermeersch

Héctor Moro, conductor


exsequiis(2016)for bass clarinet, piano, 2 sopranos & string trio7'

commissioned by Auditivvokal - Dresden

First performance: Tonlage Festival, Dresden 2016

Auditivvokal Ensemble


Overture(2016-17)for improvising piano & orchestra12'

commissioned by the Johanna Borchert

First performance: Volkhaus, Jena 2017

Johanna Borchert, pianoJenaer PhilharmonieBernd Ruf, conductor


The Wall(2017)electronic music8'

Music for the video "The Wall" by Eva Schmeckenbecher

First performance: Strasbourg (France), 2018


gavilla, espliego, alazán(2018)for accordion & percussion5'

commissioned by the Duo Etendis - Bremen



Trigger(2017-19)Foto - Video - Music Installation29'

(including 'aullido' & 'The Wall')

Cooperation with the artist Eva Schmeckenbecher

First performance: Stuttgart, 2019

Eva Schmeckenbecher: Concept, Images & Videos

Héctor Moro: Concept, Video editing & Music








© héctor moro